How do you change a pic to jpeg

Im wondering how to change I pic format to jpeg. Im trying to register my pet as missing. And it only allows jpeg.

Answer #1

on a mac you can just click on the picture’s name and delete gif or whatever it was before and type in jpeg and it will say ‘do you want to change to jpeg’ and you click yes.

Answer #2

yeah I agree with giving_back, I have a program, called ACDsee. that pretty much manages pictures (if you have this) just open up a picture with that program, and re-save it as a jpeg

Answer #3

mspaint comes with windows xp or vista. you can get to it by clicking start>>run and typing mspaint and hitting enter

open your pic with mspaint save it as a jpg, if extension is jpg and you need it to be jpeg you can change it by simply renaming the file, jpg/jpeg same format.

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