How do I ask for scene hair?

ok so just to get things straight, I’m not a poser. I never said that I was scene or anything. I was looking at random hairstyles and when I saw it I thought it completely fit me. So all I need now is help how to ask for it. Please answer. Thanks =^-^=

Answer #1

Agreed completely with jazlovestoskate.

Answer #2

well before you go to the salon print out, draw, take a magazine clipping,ect of the picture of the girl or her hair that you want if theres a few, print them out and say what you want from each picture and say that youd like that hairstyle on you it will be a a lot easier for them to help you if they can see a picture of exactly what hairstyle youd like and they can work from that picture

Answer #3

Id have to agree find a picture of what you want it’ll make it easir for them thats what I did when I got my short punk hairstyle done

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