How do I Ask my hair dresser for scene hair?

I Need to know how to ask for scene hair? Like People tell me its short and choppy but I don’t want it short. I want it long maybe like this?

Answer #1

Show a picture..

Answer #2

Yea..Just show them a picture and they will cut it however you want it to be…but if they are asian like..some people lol IM NOT RACIST OR ANYTHING im asian too haha lol just say you want choppy razor layerz and long side bangs and layered so they will do it for u \-_-//

Answer #3

show her or him a picture of your fave scene hair and if he or she can cut it in that way. and if your hair dresser can’t do that I highly recommend you ditch em.

Answer #4

The last time I got my hair done, I wanted it like this celebrity, so I just showed my hairdresser a picture of her on my phone and she cut my hair exactly like it (:

Answer #5

Use a picture of the hair style you want. Any good hairstylist can do a hair cut from a picture

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