How do you take care of a home done tounge ring?

how do you take care of a home done tounge piercing… io burned the needle and the tounge ring and iced my tounge and just did it… so now I was just looking for some tips on taking care of it… and like what have to do… like not eat cirtain things or like I don’t know just what I have to do

Answer #1

Don’t do it, the chances of infection are HUGE if you do it at home. There’s also a huge possibility you can hit a vein or nerve and numb your tongue permanently.

Answer #2

well it was a very stupid thing to do, your tounge is a very important muscle and you could have paralized it…nect time save up 60 bucks and go to a profesional. its our tounge…not yor ear! but try a sea salt soak…I table spoon of sea salt in a cup of warm water for 15 mins a day for a while will help. dont overclean it. make sure theres proper toune jewellry in it. dont change the ring for 3-6 months if you plan to because tounge rings can take up to and over a year to heal.

Answer #3

you’re a lot braver than I am! lol.

I’m pretty sure you would take care of your tongue piercing the same way you would if you had it done by a professional. one way to take care of it is to swish around warm salt water (it’s even better if you use sea salt!) in your mouth twice daily. you should always rinse your mouth out after eating something, & avoid hot & spicy foods, alocohol & coffee! & if you smoke, wash out your mouth before & after you smoke your cigarette.

if this information wasn’t enough, try searching google or yahoo on proper ways to take care of a tongue piercing.

I hope I helped at least a little bit! :)

Answer #4

What kind of needle did you use..

Answer #5

yea it worked but im just trying to figure out how good to take care or it lol

Answer #6

did that really work???…if it did im really about to do that because I want one like right now…

Answer #7

Wash your mouth out with Listerine or any mouth wash with anti-bacterial properties at least twice a day or after eating, etc.

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