How do people actually let themselves go into depression?

How do people actually let themselves go into depression?

Answer #1

the chemicals in their brain are not balanced you can not conrtol that. people dont let themselves go into depression.

Answer #2

what? it’s like asking how do people let themselves get pneumonia… it’s not something you sit there and are in control of.

Answer #3

Lifes demanding pressure from whatever you do for a living in Society is a MAJOR Factor in Society an,plus from what I’ve seen in several people who I know an some I dont can get down an a lot of them are service members in the military an the factors in there life an what their going through an from the seperatoin from loved ones can also play a major part in Depression.An they do have medicine but as every thing else theirs draw backs an such that their now just finding out that dont work as they thought they did,even if they have the skilled Pchys.,it at times dont help for a lot of military members dont get help in time due to where they may be at or the conditions that put a lot of people in a lot of circumances an so forth.For take where Im at Im a U.S. Marine weve been in serious combat an a lot of the times we cant bellie ache who this is getting to us an we dont wanna do it,so alotta Marines/Soldiers are in a way of depression as never before.But they are getting the facts on how to help military personnel out in combat areas an back in the states an from what a buddy of mine said they now gonna put it into the training manuals for Basic Training so they can get the help they should of been doing a long time ago.Just like back in the world of the U.S.A..Everybody gets depressed no matter what you do for a living-occupation-job their is depression no matterwhat an their trying to get the medical help an so forth for every one at that.So I hope I helped you out,Sincerely SSGT. Paul H. U.S.Marines./Afgh.

Answer #4

They don’t. It’s a medical condition.

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