how do you get rid of the feeling you r letting someone down to go away?

it feels like I am letting very 1 down when I get yelled at for doing my best or I want to be alone. how can I get rid of the feeling which feels like I want to cry.

Answer #1

You try to look at it differently. Did you do your best? Then how is it your fault that the person is choosing to feel disappointed? You are not letting people down. People choose to be disappointed. That’s their problem. If they cant be proud of you for doing your best, that’s their issue. You’re not the one at fault. They are. You’re getting upset because they’re not reacting the way you want them to… They cant do what you want them to, anymore than it is reasonable for them to expect you to act/feel/think the way they want you to. I know it’s upsetting when people yell. But realize that all yelling is loud talking. And it isnt your fault how people choose to think/feel/act. It’s their issue and their problem. And if you need positive feedback, go find it elsewhere. I promise there are people out there who will give you the acceptance and feedback you deserve.

Answer #2

thank u this was really helpful

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