How do I talk to my mum about periods?

Me and my friends are always honest with each other. The other day we were talking about periods. I never actually thought about it before we had that conversation.

Its really bugging me now and I want to ask my mum stuff because thats what sheze there for rite, but I just don’t know how. HELP!

Answer #1

Sit Her Down… && To Brake The Ice Make A Joke About It First… She’ll Understand Your Nervous… But Then Make Sure You Get Across That Your Serious…

I Was Scared To Tell My Dad… Infact I Think He Still Doesnt Know… 7 Years Later… :P But Your Mum Has Been There She’ll Know What You Need To Hear…

Good Luck :)(:

Answer #2

whats to know ? its been happening to girls everywhere for well since EVE that is the beginning of life so like talk to your health teacher or the doctor thay know more than your Mom anyway…plus it really sucks for your mom too because you are growing up and she might just want to pretend for a few more years that you are still her babygirl

Answer #3

I understand it can be uncomfortable bringing up that kind of conversation topic with your mom, but trust me, she has had a period for a LONG time and it’s not such an uncomfortable topic for her. : ) Take a deep breath and relax in knowing that your mom is a period expert and she’s the perfect person to go to! Just start with “hey mom, I have some questions about my period”

Answer #4

it is hard but just want eva you want to know just ask dont be scare dlike me because when it did happen I didnt even go to my mom 1st I went to her friend (girl) I was scared to tell my mom but when you do tell her its a relief trust me I learned da hard way

Answer #5

blurt it out. did you get it already or do you just want to know about it?

Answer #6

wow um well we learn it in school here, at age 11 13 and 15 lol :) my mum never shuts up about the stuff and I just say ye ye I know blah blah but when I got my period I got my sister to tell her lol

Answer #7

Just come out with it, be yourself, and be serious. She’s been waiting for the right time, I’m sure.

Answer #8

I think you shoud just come out a say it and you will be nevers and the better thing you can do is tell her if it helps get her alone and then tell her

good luck

Answer #9

Do like the American TV commercial once suggested: There was a mom with her daughter, doing things together, when out of the blue, the daughter asks her mom, “Mom? Do you have have that ‘not-so-fresh’ feeling?” And then the conversation begins. :)

Just be glad you’re not a basketball player. They have 4 periods per GAME!!! (j/k)

Good luck, though.

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