How do I tell my mum that I started my periods?

How do I tell my mum that I started my periods??

Answer #1

well what I done was stroll out fo the bathroom and announce to her and my grandma that id started my period XD Its not something to be embarressed about and after getting over the initial embarresment I can even talk about it with my dad ^.^

Answer #2

It is nothing to be ashamed of, and even though it is emabarassing it happens to all girls. We all go through it, and if she washes your clothes she probably knows already, just randomly ask her where the pads or tampons are and then tell her.

Answer #3

well when I got mine it was 2 monthes ago it was 10:00 at night I was scared and I had no pads so untill school the next morning I just put torlet paper in my underware and when I told my mom I said “mom what is in my underware “? and she said ‘ o I new it you just got your period “ and I started crying so just tell your mom it is nothing to be ashamed of

Answer #4

well I got mine yesterday at a babysitters house, just txt it to her or call her on her cell

Answer #5

make a cake that says “im menstruating” and present it to her at dinner …

Answer #6

Just tell her that she needs to buy you pads/tampons. (:

Answer #7

just Right It On a Peice Of Paper And Give It To Her Its Nothing to Be Embarressed About After Youve Told Her Its All Good Then You Can Go Out And Buy Yourself It Happenss 2 All Us Girls Unfortaintly But Hey That Life x

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