How do I stop myself from feeling bad about my self and not going

How do I stop myself from feeling bad about my self and not going bak to be anerxic?? so help me plzzz

Answer #1

According to your user name I guess you feel really confidant over your self “sexybitch”??? That’s a good thing. 1st thing to do is to start loving who you are and accept that you were created in a unick way, maybe seek for some complements from loved ones. Dress up and asked them for their opinion by this you will sycologicaly start beliving you gorgous..

Hope that all make sens. And reply to me if it helped.

Answer #2

Stay calm eveyone feels bad about themselves every once in a while but to offen is not good. just eat right exersize and don’t worry about your weight do something fun to take you mind off feeling bad that’s what I do. Go to a skateing ring, see a movie, hange out with your friends. Whatevers right for you. You shouldn’t be stressed the univers intends to unfold as it should

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