How can I stop feeling like something terrible's going to happen?

I’m always nervous about the bad things that are able to happen to me. I can’t focus on school and stuff like that. Whenever I think about bad things happening to me, I feel sick. My stomach cramps up, and I feel like dropping dead. Is that unhealthy? Please answer this question, I really nedd help.

Answer #1

I agree with rascal…I don’t suffer from anxiety now, like I did when I was young…I had a cloud of ‘perpetual doom-loomin’…and the twisted gut that goes with it…It’s one thing to have your antenna go up because something’s just not right…but having a gut feeling that something is going to go wrong ALL the time, is a neurosis…you might benefit being on anti-anxiety meds for a short time.


Answer #2

I would look up anxiety on a reliable source. I have it, but its not very severe. It sounds like that could be it. If you do think you have anxiety and bad you really should see a psychiatric doctor and get some medication perscribed.

Answer #3

thanks everybody!

Answer #4

follow you’re gut instinct . trust me. If it’s weighing on you always go with you’re gut feeling. It’s there for a reason!!

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