What is wrong if I've been vaginally bleeding for a month non-stop?

I’ve had bleeding for around 3 weeks non-stop. I am on birth control and have been the whole time, even when I miss it I make sure to use a type of protection. What could it be?

Answer #1

Well, I know that the same thing happened for me. I tried to use birth control as a way to stop my period but it made it simply go for 18 days. Try talking to your doctor. maybe switch birth controls.

Answer #2

It could be due to many things: infection, rough sex, STDs, drugs interactions, adverse effects of the pill…who knows. I say get checked because that’s not normal.

Answer #3

that is abnormal and for over a mth is very abnormal it could be so many things internally…scary things you got very important stuff up there go to a doctor

by the way, in the medical field and I do not want to scare you but go to a doctor

any bleeding more than normal mthly menses is abnormal unless is after childbirth but that too is for a small period of time

and to the person who said STDs…which STD makes you bleed, even in its initial or late phase…eh…??? steuuups doh scare the woman

Answer #4

Your hormones maybe a little off. you need to talk to your doctor.

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