How do i loose 600g fast?

ok well my friend had a birthday party and when I got home I weighed myself and I has put on 600 grams or more and I feel really bad because I've worked really hard to loose this weight so how can I get back on track and loose 600 grams fast?

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Diet and exerscise. Low carbohydrate, low fat diet will help you loose weight fast. These types of diets are very hard to follow. But simply eating fruits and vegetables instead of breads, biscuits, crackers, chips etc will help. Try a balanced diet of 2.5 cups of vegetables, 1 cup of light milk, 150 grams of lean meat, 2 peices of fruit, and about 4 slices of whole grain bread (or 1 cup of whole grain pasta) daily. Cut out butters, margarines, trim fat off meat, choose low fat milks, stay away from burger joints or fast food restaurants, choose tunas in brine (not oil) etc etc etc.

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go for a jog for 30 mins for a week

thats how id do it...

loosing weight fast?

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