How do I leave a month to month lease because of abuse?

I would like to leave an apartment that I share with my ex because he’s controlling and mentally abusive. The problem is that we are both on a month to month lease and I want to put in a 30 day notice but I dont want him to know I’m leaving or else he’ll get violent, I plan to leave when he’s sleeping. My landlord is not much help about this. Will I owe the landlord a lot of money if I leave? If I owe her rent when I leave, can I pay her in payments? Any good advice will do?

Answer #1

Right now honey forget about the landlord and your lease and get out to a safe place. Once you are there you can contact the landlord and try to reason with him/her, consult a lawyer who specializes in landlord/tenant issues for advice and assistance. May God Bless you and keep you safe, I hope you find the strength and courage you need.

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