what do I do to get coworker to leave me alone?

I’ve been working at a company office for 3 months and theres this coworker(guy) that wont leave me alone. He’s cute but hes gone too far. He tried grabing me by the waist and tells me he likes me, yea we’ve talk but why does he have to grab me? hes 3 years older than me and I’ve told him to stop and he wont, but thats not the worst part. When I was leaving from work he followed me to my house, I was in shock. One time I saw him parked by ma house when I was about to go somewhere but I decide go right back inside. Its starting to creep me out, im afraid he might do something even more weird and I cant tell my mom because shes gona go nuts. What do I do?

Answer #1

if I was you I would tell your mum or tell him if he dosent leave you alone then you would take it further and tell your boss he is harrasing you

Answer #2

Tell your boss and your mother asap.

Answer #3

Tell your boss. That’s sexual harassment you don’t need that sh*t. If he ever gets any heavier with the touching feel free to knock him one and then immediately tell your boss. Your parents may want to blacken his eyes.

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