How do i grow taller?

How do I grow taller?
I'm make 18 5'5". I haven't grown for 2 years
Can you tell me any way of growing taller other than drugs or hormonal injections?

Thank you stephanie and maddi

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dont listen to domzila its not gentically determined, its your habits and routines of what you ate growing up, I agree with stretching properly and regularly more like yoga with the extreme stretching and eating a very well mannered diet for awhile until you stop growing in about another 3-4 years, you can possibly gain another 2-3 inches then what your supposed to... hope it helps!

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I heard of this surgery you can get where they break your bones and implant a steel wedge to make you taller, I never looked into it though the recovery time takes about 2 years! I heard people who want to make a career in modeling do it to become taller, sounds dumb though. There are ways to make your self look taller like wearing high heeled shoes and pencil skirts. Google "ways to look taller"

How can I grow taller?

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well this is what I heard from my father my farther told me you have to hang on something that your feet will not touch the floor you have to hang on it atleast for 5 mins to stretch your whole body.

How to grow taller?
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Your height is determined genetically, at 18 no nutritional regime or stretching will help. The only thing you can do now is what jenonline mentioned, but they only preform that surgery usually if theres a need like if one leg is longer than the other and it's affecting the way you walk and your spinal cord and back. I haven't heard of models doing this. I don't know that a real docotor would even perform this surgery on a cosmetic basis for ethical reasons. But I suppose if you have enough cash you can by just about anything. Now that I think about it, there are a lot of crooked doctors in California who will write you a prescription for medical Marijuana for the right price, which I've heard is between 100 - 200 $. So if your going for the surgery I'd try the state of California, or perhaps Nevada where peoples morales and ethical standards seem lower.

How can I grow taller by exercises ?

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How to be taller?
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I'm so right in my above post (not counting the typos) while your young eating healthy does help as does not smoking, but by the age 18 you're pretty much done growing and height is based on genetics, look into the science or ask your doctor. No herbal supplement is going to help, Helpogrow doesn't even list it's ingredients or offer a money back guarantee, so this is obviously a rip off. You can have your bones broken and stretched, try Mexico for the right price their doctors will do almost anything too. Yoga is useless unless your trying to stretch your muscles and ligaments but that won't build your bones which are the one thing that determines height. Seriously you can ask your doctor. All these other responses are bullshit. Jenonline had the only correct answer. djwager needs to read a book or two before responding as if he's an expert.

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