Can i prevent myself growing any taller?

im 15
5ft 2 inches tall
and I don't want to get any taller. im happy at the height I am.
is it possible that I won't grow anymore and when do growth spurts end ??
can I do anything to prevent me getting taller??

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There's not really anything you can do to stop growing.But, girls usually stop growing at an average age of about 14 or 15 so you may already be the height you are going to be for life.

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I'm 15 and not even 5'1, and my doctor told me I should grow to about 5'4.

But it depends on how tall your parents are mainly. If they're quite small, or average, you probably won't grow much more.

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if you want to stunt your growth you can drink coffee, but you may not grow anymore. Im 16 and I've been mostly the same height since I was about 11 then again I have short parents. I am only 5'and 2.5" tall and I like being short too.

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you will pretty much stop growing after you get your period or at least 90 percent of my friends family and my self included did

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