Can someone grow taller at the age of 17?

Well two years ago i was 15 and i was 5'2 and now i'm 17 and 5'4, is there any possibility i can keep getting taller?

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yes, my uncle stopped growing at age 23

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Girls tend to reach their maximum height at around 18 and boys around 21 but it does vary. Only time will tell.

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For females it's less likely but still possible. Most males stop growing after they turn 17.

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Yup Some people hit their growth spurts later. Although generally, it stops in your early 20's.

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People stop at full maturity which can last till almost 25 maybe higher.

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Yes, people usually stop growing at 21

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I read somewhere that the average boy stops growing at about the age of 18 or 19 and for a girl 16 or 17.

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girls grow very slowly after they are 16 until they are 21
boys stop growing at 21 but still grow very slowly after that
so yes, it is possible because you are still growing very slowly

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Boys usually grow till like 24 and girls to age 19

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boys can grow until they are around 25 years old while girls stop growing at about 20 : )

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yeah. until you reach 24. there are chances. so was told.

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People usually stop growing in their 20's. however there are exceptions. Soem people reach their maximum height early on in their life others later on..

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