How do I go to god?

My sister says to read the bible.. But just don’t read it but belive in it.. So how can I belive in it if god won’t open up my eyes..into believing in it. If he wants my to spread the words then why won’nt he jsut come to me.

Answer #1

for a while I believed there was a god, but I never seeked him. I went to a youth group on nite with a friend and it opened my eyes to god. he will always be there. the bible is our guide to life, the rights and wrongs. god will lead you down the right path in life. maybe go to a church, youth group, etc. a lot of it depends on what religion you are. the religion I agree most with is bapist christian, but all people have different beliefs.

Answer #2

I have found God is great , but to be honest. Just talk to him like you would a friend. He hears you and he knows what you need. He just wants you to believe that it will happen and seek him for it.

Answer #3

No one said it was going to be easy,it well come to you when you our ready.

Answer #4

The God of religion doesn’t exist, you can’t “go to him”.

Answer #5

Have you ever had a very strong feeling that kept pounding on your heart ? That was God trying to come to you , and you turned him down then? If you believe hard enough he will come back to you ! Good Luckk !

Answer #6

coming to God is easy.ROMANS 10:8-13. Pray before you read the bible while praying ask GOD for forgiveness and ask him (believing what you ask as though it is done already)to open you mind to his word.You have to study it out. We can’t read the bible like any other book because this is God’s HOLY word.

Answer #7

okay, listen here, and listen good. first of all, God doesn’t come to anybody, WE COME to Him. Second of all, how can he open up your eyes if you don’t ask Him to? ask Him with your heart, not just your mouth, for you to see the millions and millions of things He did for us.

Answer #8

Pray for himm, and to him. It’ll take time but dont give up on it! Once your ready he’ll come to you. :)

Answer #9

All my life I felt like there was a wall between me and God. I thoght that I did nothing bad, to be forgiven for. That made my heart gray, but God wants our hearts to be pure white. We as people can never get to that stage of puraty, cuzz we are human we make mistakes. God with the blood of Jesus can wash our sins away, and make us whiter than snow. I WANTED to be close to God, so he opend my eyes and I finally saw how sinful I was. Read Matt. 7:7 in the bible. He WILL answer if you keep knoking. God can never break his promis, cuzz the moment He dose, He will no longer be God.

Answer #10

Living your life “as tho”…as tho you were going to God. Getting there isn’t a one day event…it’s a life time journey…

Answer #11

You can’t just go to God. I’m not doubting that he might intercept a few prayers every now and then but for the most part I believe he has everything planned out. He gave us a free will so we should use it. Instead of trying to convince God that we need this, that, and the other.. It’s not realistic to expect him to just magically poof down something for us or to just wipe away all of life’s problems. God made man, and Earth for man so it is man’s job to do what needs to be done on this Earth, God doesn’t exist in the realm of this Earth, he’s not just sitting watching us 24/7 fixing our mistakes… After this Earth God has everything planned out and you just have to trust in that. Also, I’m not a Christian so don’t anyone be laying down the bible verses telling me I’m wrong I could care less about Christian hypocrisy.

Answer #12

Do you promote sensless violence, rape, slavery? How about the oppresion of women? Do you still believe in fairytales? The most sensible way not to be brainwashed over what is the tragedy of religion is to learn the facts about it and read the bible it is REPULSIVE!

Answer #13

God has a special plan for you. the fact that you feel to know him better is the proof that He has a plan for you. I have asked that question before but even tough is hard to believe without seeing we must believe more. thats what makes our faith strong.

the bible says in salms that God accomplish the desires of your heart when you ask him.

We need to have a real encounter with our Lord

Answer #14

83214: You “go to God” in prayer! He is always drawing you nearer to Himself, pulling on your heartstrings, loving you just as you are, knowing He fearfully and wonderfully made you! You are perfect just as you are! It is a heart issue, He knows your heart. He knew you before you were knit together in your mother’s womb, and He knew your name before time. He is always near, with a soft and sincere heart, accepting Him as your Lord and Savior will open your eyes and ears to His Perfect Word. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. James 4:8 Bless you as you find faith and truth in Him.

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