Ghost in my house. Help me!!!

Okay the other nite when I was trying to sleep I swear I heard a little girl whispering my name. It really scared me so I told my mom about it. The next week my mom says she was sitting on the couch and that she’s positive that she saw a little girl creep down the stairs and into my brothers room. What should I do? I’m really freaked out!

Answer #1

we have a lot and a lot of spirirts in our house but only me and my sister encounter the because we are both very spiritualy aware. ok wit this spirit is it halming or causing you any greif if it is then I suggest (if you ont practise witchcraft alredy) to get somone who is a practitioner in witchcraft on do the lesser banishing spell of the pentergram, the highest banishing spell, but all members of household msut give permission to allow it to happen, but if its not a harmful spirit then dont be afraid and get used to it, if a spirit reveals itself to you it means it either confused or wants somthing, want to know futher things. jsut ask.

Answer #2

be happy laeve her alone…or call people

Answer #3

First of all, I believe in ghosts, so I believe you. I would move out because even though they’re real, they still scare me. But who knows, they may not be there to harm anyone. Is there anyone in your family that has recently passed away? Maybe it’s someone’s spirit that use to live in your house.

Answer #4

yea I have a gost in my house to it really scares me but I think you should just icnor it and try not to pay attention and it might leave you alone

Answer #5

haha well theres this show called gohst castchers or something im not sure oh it works but they bring a camera crew out to your house and they stay up with you all night for like a week and see if they can catch anything and there actually quit good! haha well good luck!

Answer #6

uuuh… schizophrenia anyone???

Answer #7

well I know that I have a ghosts in my house because I fell cold air and I hear footsteps and I hear a little girl saying my name and when I say what it doesn’t answer one time I was alone in my house and I had to babysit and all the kids were asleep and I went upstairs and see what it was and there was nothing I went in the room and see if they were asleep and they were and then the remote was sitting right by me and the t.v. shut off all by itself my house is haunted!

Answer #8

I think there is because I don’t think you could see a little girl at night but no at day so yea it could be possible make sure you always have an open bible with oh and don’t gorget to ask god to protect you or you can move out I hope you the best

Answer #9

we lived in a rented house once and in the late night I woke up as I heard I sound…and then I realised I was hearing someone running very next to me…it was someone runnuing and it was the ankle lace that eas making the sound..the next day I found out that a little girl died in that house…and that freaked me out…and we changed the house shortly after that…so im totallly with you on the ghost thing…its pretty real…may be you should try finding another house

Answer #10

ummm well ima amature ghost hunter but I got experience and I just set up ma camera and see if I catch any thing…but if this spirit hasent hurt any or your family members then its probably not there to hurt you its just there to talk or show yall that their there

Answer #11

whatever you do. do not ignore them. if you can see apiritions of them they are obviously and illegent ghost. they used to be people but now they are wandering around. they are trying to get you to notice them. they want to be heard. tell them that you mean them no harm. just say (out loud btw) “hello. I am (your name). I have seen/heard you. I do not mean you any harm. please do not hurt me, my family, or anybody I know. if you do so I will command you to leave in the name of jesus christ”. if this spirit is demonic and tries to hurt your family call in a priest and have him bless the house. 7/10 times this works. good luck, try not to be scared btw.

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