How do i get itunes to sync music correctly?

I just recently got a new hard drive. I moved the music from the old one to the new one, and whilst my computer was down, I bought two albums from a band. When I got it back up, I installed iTunes, and plugged in my iPod Touch. It synced one of the albums, but left the other one alone. I don't know why this happened and I really need to get the other one on there, because I'm afraid if I check the "Sync Music" box for the first time, I'll lose it. Any advice at all will help.

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Nope, bought it off iTunes

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Copy the music to an external disk (so you don't lose it) then use itunes to synch everything. That way, if it does get erased, you can try again.

If it's pirated music, it won't synch properly...

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