How do i get music i got from itunes onto my new laptop??

Ok ...Help !
My Laptop Crashed so I got a new one :Dbut then I bought music of the itunes app on my ipod then when I plugged it into my new laptop ...nothin happend and now it wants to sync all my newly bought songs and the 495 others from CDs ...

HELP WHAT DO I DO !!! :(:(:(

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Here's a software option you might want to try:

Take care !!

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IF you can, try to recover the music (the ripped CD's) from your old computer via data recovery or similar...if not, there are companies that can do that for you, however, it costs a bit. If you ran backups, you can get the files back that way.

IF none of those are an option, you may have to burn the CD's all over again...if that's the case, I'd strongly recommend storing the music on an external drive in case this happens again....

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