How do I get him to invite me to his house

Ok… Me and my boyfriend have been together 2 weeks. I really like him, and have for ages. I want to a) get him to invite me to his house so that I can b) give him a handjob… I know it seems a bit rushed… but I think I love him and I get loike horny whenever im with him… so tips??

Answer #1

just be like “hey hun wanna hang out at your place today? I got a suprise for you” haha hope it helps

Answer #2

Just ask him if you can chill with him…he probably will say yes but no promises because I don’t know the dude of course lol..

Answer #3

you should consult a doctor!! lol na im just playing.

Girl, just ask him! or if the time is right it will just happen anywhere!

Answer #4

Aha thanks guys…It’s ok now cause hes like invited me… but I dunno if hes ready but (yn) fingers crossed for tomarrow :D xxx

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