When friends want to come over my house I get embarrased?

Okay I live in a townhouse but I go to a school where the kids pretty much dont live in a townhouse they live in a mansion so everytime one of them wants to come over I feel really poor because there house sells for a million dollars and mine only like 300 im not a snob I guess im just jealous.

Answer #1

Your real friends won’t care how rich you are!I have a few friends and I am dead poor.Our family doesn’t even own the house anymore!That’s poor we are.But my friends don’t care.

Answer #2

I lived in one too! but I moved. I love townhomes to be honest! they are just simple. have them come over because you’ll show them that you it doesn’t matter and that your not a snob! just make the best of it. they should like you for who you are not who your home is. it could be worse…much worse

Answer #3

You shouldn’t be embarrassed. Your friends should like you for your personality and character, not for material things. If your “friends” don’t want to be your friends because of how much money you have or what kind of house you live in, then you don’t want them as your friends anyway. :)

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