How do I get contacts overseas to make something for me?

I need to gain contacts overseas to have some candy confections made for me. I am thinking on selling “Sweet Jesus” candy (a gummy Jesus on a small gummy cross). It would be mostly a t-shirt sales retail online site with a limited amount of candy made, maybe 1000 boxes or so. I am also other “religious” themed candies. Which country should I contact?

I also would like to sell the candy in the future with the boy scouts or the brownies or something. Any religious organizations that I should approach to help market my sweet jesus all over the country?

Answer #1

After traveling to China recently and meeting no shortage of very friendly, capable folks, I have to say I’d start looking there. Hangzhou is a great city, being newer than most of their metropolis centers, and only a short flight from Hong Kong. Perhaps look at or, as they both have listings of manufacturers in China & other countries that do outsourced product development & manufacturing.

Good luck with the candies, I hope you sell a million of them.

Answer #2

You’re looking to find someone to MAKE these candies for you ?

Do you have a patent on your product ?

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