Can i return something bought with a debit card and get cash back?

So last week my boyfriend bought me something using his debit card. I want to to return it because it's that the right kind.
Will I still be able to return it and get cash back?

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You can exchange it, and most stores will let you have store credit, but almost no store will give you cash. Instead they will issue a credit on the debit card.

Good Luck!!

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No, if you do a return it will go right back on his card, however if you ask for store credit instead of getting your money back they should give you a card for the same value of the item to use in their store.

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Does your boyfriend know that you are returning it?

They should give you the cash back.

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Unfortunately most stores will return the money back to the way it was purchased with. Cash with cash, debit /credit cards will have the money returned to the card account it was purchased with.

When you return the item, it will be refunded to your boyfriends card. I know this because my business partner sets up and manages merchant card services for businesses. The refund process I mentioned is a standard in the merchant card business.

Sorry. If you buy with a card, the money goes back to the card... No cash.

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As long as you have the receit most places give cash back if you don't all you will get is store credit.

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Uhm no. I haven't told him yet.
I'd ask him to come with me, but he's in another statee right now.

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every store I go to will give cashback for a debit purchase. I always do, since it's the same thing as cash. They even ask.

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I know that Wal mart definitely gives cash back if the receipt says debit tend on it. I've returned many things that I originally paid with my debit card and without even asking me they give me cash.

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Nice bs story lol... guessing your doing the scheme where you find a receipt, steal the items on the receipt, and then return it to the store.
That's my guess, based on your reasoning being that your boyfriends out of town. lol. makes no sense, for many reasons.
Just a suggestion... maybe next time say something like... you do not want the refund showing up on his card because you don't want him to know you were returning his gift.
BUT ANYWAYS, BASICALLY... no you can't get cash when the receipt says it was paid with a debit/credit/gift card. At some stores though you can get it put onto a different debit card if you ask...
If you are pulling this scheme I doubt you have a bank account to even have a debit card you can always go to cvs and get a greendot or netspend PREPAID visa gift card. JUST MAKE SURE SURE SURE it's one of the prepaid visa gift cards that you register, can receive deposits etc, AND allows atm withdraws. (Do NOT NOT NOT get a, one use only type of, visa GIFT card)
If worse comes to worse you can always get it refunded as a merchandise credit (basically a gift card for that store) and then sell it locally or online. You will only get 50-80% for the card depending on where its for and where you sell it.
Hope this helps you either way... and I hope you get into a better situation where you don't have to do this sort of thing for money. On the other hand, if you aren't pulling this scheme I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions.

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