Is there a way to make money if I can't get a job?

I have been trying to get a job for like the past two years and still no luck right now I am trying at Kmart but it is not working. So is there any other way that I can make money?

Answer #1

Try this ‘’ I did, and I now have a Tech Support job with a major garage door manufacturing company. This is one way to do it, there are many other ways. Although, undesirable sometimes, fast food locations are a good place to start, Personally I’ve worked @ Burger King & McDonald’s. Though, its food prep, it can easily be done, and its a job. It sounds like you’ve been applying your self, however there isn’t much available for you. Try making an online Resume, & generate a local area of which you can submit your res to employers. In order to become more employable, you might list the things you are good at, or what you like/want to accomplish. For Exp: I am good with people, and I enjoy helping people, thats why I know being in a Customer Service field is a great choice.

Don’t give up! Keep trying, there is hope for you yet! Try not to become discouraged, as it makes it harder to push forward.

Good Luck!


Answer #2

try eBay, not a job but it can help with an electric bill or something, i made about 200 dollars selling my old yugioh cards for bout 3 months lol, just a thought.

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