How do i get arm muscle?

How do I get more mucsles especially in da arm ??
Quick and fast that takes for about a week with results I need help!!

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You are not going to get results within a week unless you roid out. But I suggest that you do burn outs with weights and that will tone your muscle and it will make it look bigger and you will look stronger. Do bicep curls.

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:} buy this months fintness magazine, theres this all over body tome for your shape thing, it totally works<3

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Nothing can happen in a week, lol, are you preparing for an arm wrestlng contest?

I'd say if you start arm curls you could see results in a month. Three times a week, do 4 sets of curls. Increase weight with each set and do each set to failure. Start with 5 lbs, 8 lbs, 10 lbs, 12 lbs. For your warm up, at 5 lbs, you can probably do about 25 curls. Try to gradually increase so with your heaviest and last (most important ) set you can do about 6 reps.

Other people who work out might have slightly different progressions but this works well for me.

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