How do I deal with my boyfriend's depression?

He is a year older than me (15) and we’ve been together for 5 months. Lately he’s been saying stuff like, “I can’t live without you” or “I’d die if we broke up.” I love him, but it’s freaking me out. I’m not sure if I want still be with him anymore, but I’m scared he might hurt himself. Last Saturday he called me in the middle of the night, telling me that he needed me with him or he might kill himself. I was scared, and I ended up walking all the way to his house in the dark. I lost my virginity that night. I really can’t go on like this. How do I help him through this? What do I tell him? Should I break up with him?

Answer #1

Okay all of you are over reacting. The only reason he sez those things is because he really loves and he really misses you when your apart. Now as for the im guna kill myself thing hes probly just seying that kus he wants you tell him that you miss him as much ge misses u. Now I know all you women are probly gunna read this and sey “O hes a guy he has no idea what hes talkin bout,” and in response to what I know is bound to come my way I just wud like to let you know that I’ve been in this so called “depressed” young mans shoes and the only reason that he wud have sed those things is to show you that he is deeply in love with you and you have to understand that most guys dont understand what women want to hear kus you close your selves off from us men. so in conclusion, dont over react like evryone above told you to and just tell him that you dont like it when he talks like that

Answer #2

okay all of you are over reacting. Hes only saying that stuff because he really misses you and he thinks it sounds romantic. So just tell him that you will always ther for him and that you miss him too. And seriously, hiw did you believe be was really gunna kill himself he just sed that to see if you missed him as much as he misses u. Being a guy and being in HIS situation before I think I know what im talking about

Answer #3

Ohnay my darling, I went through the exact same thing my freshmen year! Don’t walk your white a up there just because hes saying he needs you, that hes gonna kill himself for you. honestly! Guys would say that, but they don’t have the balls to really kill themselves. tell it straight as it is. say something like “ Babe, we need to kinna go slow with this! “ if he don’t agree. then beat his a up. show some girl power… no matter how small you may be compared to him lol, Just keeding. Open up, Tell him how you feel about it all. That hes going a lil too Drama Queen like with the whle thing.

Answer #4

this is a bad situation to be in he sounds suicidal and if you were to break up with him, he could very well feel like all hope is lost and kill himself so its a horrible situation to be in and its not fait to you you should try to comfort hm though, but he also needs to get help, profesional help he needs to speak with a profesional about his problems because there no going to go away if he doesnt talk about them and ask for help and people cant help him if they dont know anythings wrong perhaps try talkig to his parents and suggest they take him to see a councellor and tell them thats hes depressed and is suicidal, they should be able to get him some help also you should talk to him about how you feel about all this, and that you want him to get some help for his problems

Answer #5

hes telling you those things so you wont leave him he feels like in order to go on you have to be there what you need to do is get him around people more have him near really flirty girls a lot and he might break up with you for one of them I cant guratee he wont hurt himself if you break up but you might want to get his parents in tell them that you want to break up with him but your scared to( dont mention going to his house they will hate you trust me)

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