Outer Space

If there is no air outer space, then why when they place a flag on the moon it appears to be fluttering like wind is blowing it??

Answer #1

The Chinese quetioned it and created lot of controversy,but the probable reson may be the picure may be edited since moon have gravitation the flag would hace fall down .Or it can be when the flag was put might be the motion kept it flutring for a while.

Answer #2

it has a straight rod in it

Answer #3

Ahh I know why they put wires on the edges and crumpled it to make it look like it was moving in the wind, by the way have you ever seen a film or video where the moon flag was moving? I bet not because it is just a simulated effect through those wires which on a still photograph makes it look like it is fluttering in the breeze, if NASA knew it would cause this kind of controversy I bet they would had never done it that way LOL

Answer #4

The flag moved because the astronauts were holding onto the stem of the flagpole and moving it. As soon as they let go, the oscillations die down quite quickly.

Answer #5

the flag will keep moving in space if placed in motion. when the astronauts took the flag to insert into the ground, they put the flag into motion, but because there is no air to stop the motion, the flag kept on moving.

Answer #6

On mythbusters they tested that in a vacum on nasa. Funmail me if you want the link to see it.

Answer #7

wow. drmystic sounds like an duh. if you should read only what magnus said maybe you would have typed what you did. in a vacuum there is no friction. which means if something is in motion it cannot neccessarily stop without friction. a vacuum has frictionless air. as the astronauts put the flag into place they put motion into it causing it to have a wave like appearance. also mythbusters did this experiment on tv. another thing is they have video footage of it not just pics kid. how crazy. maybe you should research buddy.and supersnake what are you talking about.

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