How come the confident girls have all the latest stuff?

OK I need some help. How do confident girls have all the latest stuff and how do they know it’s in fashion?? Like these bracelets everyone has right now… And another one…how can I gain confidence in myself. The most easy way please…


Answer #1

I think you’re looking at things the wrong way…

They don’t have all that stuff because they’re confident…they’re confident because they have all that stuff.

Take that stuff away from them, and they’ll be no different than you are.

Answer #2

lol with me its sorta the same but I re started it at my school I wore arm warmers for a week to school now every1 is so start your own thing going trust me im no girly girl

Answer #3

The answer is simple. You gotta wear the new stuff. You have to start up a fashion in order to get recognized for it. Like, at my school, I started the bulky hig”h top trend here. And plus, its not that they are confident. Usually the trend setters are LESS confident in themselves and they are looking for ways to get attention, especially by fashion. The kids at my school that are “popular”, they even have a name for themselves, “The Hot Shots”. ISNT THAT PATHETIC?! And people think they’re cool until they hang out with them. They make their lives sound interesting but really, they have NO LIFE whatsoever. So don’t worry about them, and start setting your own trends. Its risky, but you gotta take chances with trend setting. Good luck!

Answer #4

Because they are interested in all that. The two kind of go together.

Answer #5

you just have to try new things and if you are confident then you have the confidence to try nice stuff ,just use your imagination

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