Pop a pimple, what is the white stuff that comes out of it?

When you pop a pimple, what is the white stuff that comes out of it? Sometimes its the liquid, and sometimes its like a hard little dot. What is it?

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I got I white pimple, it come's and I brake, some white stuff comes out.
then I stop braking that white pimple, now it get yellow
and hard pain less, I dont know how to get of it
pls give me know how to remove
thank you

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pus and it usually goes away on its own but if it has a white head pop it

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how can I getread of white pimple it is very hard to brake

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Okay, the stuff that comes out is puss, its bacteria that gets into your pors, so make sure that you was your face and dont touch it too much so it does not get oily!

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my mum had a wart on her arpit and loada white stuff pus came out of it when it popped;

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its pus.when pimple is grown up full and now about to break ,pus comes out. just clean it with cotton swab and pimple will be fine in a day or two.

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its called pus

its a white-ish yellow substance ... its like just away of your body fighting infections ... really its the white blood cells are getting rid of infections in your body ...

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its called pus...

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that is pus and blood cause belive me I have had plenty

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