How come my stomach hurts a couple days after sex/anal, why?

I had sex 6 days ago and we decided to try anal, a couple days after my lower stomach started to hurt really bad. Why?

Answer #1

yea that can happen.. if the guy doesnt know how to do it right.. since it was your first time it is expected to hurt but it shouldnt be hurting days after… maybe for a couple of hrs after but thats it.. he could have done damage to your buttwhole.. and if you bleed please go to the doctor.. thats just common sense.. you could have hemrrhoids or something more serious

Answer #2

I heard after anyone has anal their first time it’s like that. Or worse I’ve heard of people bleeding

Answer #3

Also to tell your boyfriend that he should get checked if he did enter you anally and perhaps when entering the sphincter, because it’s not normal for something so big to enter without first lubricating it, and slowly entering because you can hurt yourself big time. Because your bleeding could also make that bad for him as well because of diseases.

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