Why am I still hurting when I had sex 2 days ago?

My boyfriend and I had sex for the first time together 2 days ago. He didn’t use a condom but he didn’t go all the way because we didn’t want to take too much of a risk of me getting pregnant. While we were doing it, it hurt but I wasn’t excruciating pain or anything like that. After we had sex, I went home, I wasn’t hurting too bad I took a shower, cleaned up and I was still bleeding a little bit. And I figured that was normal since it was my first time having sex due to the tearing of the hymen. Today, I’m still hurting, it’s a bit more bothersome than it was yesterday or the day before. And I noticed today too that I can’t hold my bladder for a long time anymore and when I DO urinate, it burns really bad. Even when I’m just sitting down, it feels uncomfortable down there, like I still need to pee, and it still burns just sitting here. Could it be that I have an Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)? or is it simply because I just had sex for the 1st time a couple days ago? Please someone help me, I don’t want to wait too long if it’s something serious!

Answer #1

I don’t know :\ mabee you could masterbate or sumthing and stick something up there and come o.O I don’t know im not a experty at things liek that just a thought :P or you could get him do do you agian but make sure he has on a conodm :]

Answer #2

It’s called the Hymen, when you have sex for the first time, if he is larger in the penis, and your vagina is quite small and you said this was your first time? He could of ripped it and that is why your bleeding. Also if any pre-cum is even near your vagina, sperm can travel up there and get you pregnant.

Answer #3

maybe it still hurts because it was the first time, but if I were you I would go to the doctor and check for STDs or anything. just to be on the safe side for urself :) xx

Answer #4

Possibly, UTI. Even if it was your first time, I don’t think that those symptoms are normal… If it still hurts tomorrow, definitely go get it checked out by a doctor. And, is he a virgin, also? If not… Are you sure he doesn’t have any STD’s he could’ve passed on to you?

Answer #5

Well, scince you lost your virginity, the first time most of the time, is pretty painful, in a few days, if you still notice pain, consult a doctor, to be safe. Good luck!

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