Why does my stomach hurt when my fiancee is on top when we have sex?

when my fiancee and have sex my stomach hurts from the pressure, can anyone help me out?

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Ask him to hold himself up so he's not just lumped on top of you, hope it helps x

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Ok, it hurts beacause you are tensing your abs muscles kind of like when you do crunches at the gym.

What can I do about my stomach pains from having sex?
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maybe is penus is to wide 4 your vagina soo it might be hurting your belly (your inner vigina) so explain to him andd ask if you can go on top or bend over and let him do all the work ooo im gettin horny lol grrr uh uh uh! u-u-u-u-u-uuu-hhh

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Do you have anal sex?What is your position?

Stomach pains after we have sex
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NONE of your questions are correct, the fact is when your sitting on him and this is hurting you, you have to take into consideration that your cervix is hitting on the head of the penis, that's why the pain. Man I have been there before, and not to worry you're just going to have to tell him to take it easy, lay on your side with your leg up, penetration that way is 100% better and if it doesn't work . . .try it doggie style.

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