Razor burn on the vaginal area

Ok I shaved down there 2 days ago. I have razor burn so severe that I have bumps all over and around my clit. Its soo swollen down near my anal area that its hard to use a tampon is this normal?

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yes and it itches and thers bumps .

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I have been shaving for 13 years

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lol you did it wrong .

Bumps on the vaginal area
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you must have done it wrong I never shave the top I use tweezers or wax it feels so much better!

I can feel this bump on my vaginal area...

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buy a new razor!!! quite shaving your legs with the same one that your shaving THAT area with too. Leg hair dulls razors fast. My ex-wife would sneak and use my razor and I'd shave my face and get razor burns. ..eeerrr! that is also a real sensitive area. check to make sure you didn't try anything new like a different soap or shaving cream.

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