What to do on neighbor who passed aways birthday?

My next door neighbor passed away last August. Her and her husband are like grandparents to me. Her birthday is on the same day as my dads. And it’s coming up. Every year we’ve gotten her something and celebrated. I’m not really sure what to do this year… I’m Chinese and my family and I are super superstitious. It’s bad luck to speak of death on a special occasion, in this case- my dad’s birthday. I can’t just like ignore the fact that it’s my neighbors birthday. I feel like I should do something for her husband… but I’m not really sure what Americans react like on a person who’s passed away’s birthday. Do they do anything? Not really sure if this question makes sense, if you need clarification, please ask. What should I do on this day?

Answer #1

some people go to the person whos passed grave ndd put like flowers there,, if yhuu were able to celebrate the birthday yhuu could have gotten some peope together ndd have a dinner in her honor. in yhur case yhuu can go ton the grave the dae before ndd pray that god is celebrating it with her

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