How can I make myself feel more attractive?

So… People tell me that im attractive… but when I look in the mirror I dont think im attractive at all, I think im quite ugly actually.. So what can I do to make myself feel more attractive? And what can I do to make me think I am more attractive? Thanks for any advice! Love, LovleyLeeAnne

Answer #1

u look a bit like me. actually when I was seeing your pics my sis thought it was me. I really understand the way you feel cause I felt the same way too. its hard to see all these beautiful girls around and just think why im not like her of to look urself in the mirror and don’t like who you c and let me tell you this wont bring you anything but desperation.
in the first place you should look urself in a positive way. make compliments to urself like omg I have so beautiful eyes as you really do. concentrate on what you like in urself and not on what you don’t like. also try to dress nice, it makes me feel really pretty. try different hairstyles and remeber to smile cause uve got such a nice smile. your really pretty and im not saying that cause your a bit similar to me or to be nice.

Answer #2

I guess it’s because of the fact that boys always consider the skin deep beauty of you that made you think that you’re unattractive huh? Is that it?

And what you’re really after is that how should guys treat you the way you really are - not just another pretty face?

For most guys, it can’t be helped - we are attracted to the visual, and that’s in our nature. But be comforted about the fact that somewhere among those horde of drooling males there’s this one who stands out among them - the man who sees you not as a hot chick guaranteeing a boner but really an affectionate, charming girl - the sort who deserves to be introduced to the guy’s parents, proposed to, and cherished forever as a loving wife and mother. Just be positive always- never stop believing for that man to come.

For the time being, if you can’t stand the base and worldly treatment you’re getting, be angry and tell them that you deserve to be treated more than that. Otherwise, leave them - there’s no point in staying with a guy who only wants to f*k you, or to be friends with guys with only sex on their minds. They have to be taught a lesson…

I hope I helped…

Answer #3

first of all you are not ugly! maybe you copuld try to change yourself a bit?I saw your photos so I think you would look really cute with dark more sports-it’s always good for your body and mood. I wish you luck=]

Answer #4

I dont no what you are going on about your really pretty11! but if you really think it (and believe me I no how you feel, cause I feel the same), then you could try a few things. Get some clothes that accent your gud points and make you look really good, Put on some makeup (dont over do it so you look like a hoe, but nice) and let your personality shine through, that I what makes someone truly beautiful. For it isnt just the face its the person behind it!

Answer #5

first you need to love yourself the way you are thats the true answer, but if you do not believe so you can try on some makeup a natural look give yourself a new look, straighten your hair wear some perfume that might attract some people.

Answer #6

you are very pretty.. when people tell you you attractive and stuff its true you are very pretty dont say your not that will just bring you down.. look in the mirror everyday and say im beautiful and attractive get stuff that you like and dont care if someone says different if happens to me all the time.. get stuff that you think is cool and work it girl I know how you feel trust me but I look at myself and say I am pretty and all that and it makes me feel better all the time

Answer #7

If you believe that you are attractive, you will be.

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