What can you find around the house to make your hair feel soft

just wondering.

because my hair feels dry sometimes.. ok.. a lot of the time…

what can you find around the house to make your hair feel softer…

because I’ve used eggs, I’ve used milk and I cant think of anything else…

little help?

Answer #1

If You Use To Much Conditioner Your Hair Will Fall Out…

Well I Agree With What Djwager Said Also Make Such When Your Washing Your Hair To Scrub Your Scalp =]

Answer #2

Leave your conditioner on longer.

I read mashed avocado works too but tis probably more expensive than just buying a professional product for it.

Answer #3

mayo definitly

Answer #4

biosilk. most def

Answer #5

Pure coconute milk!!! or conditioner or both…!!!

Answer #6

mayo DEFINITELY mayonnaise!

Answer #7

I use a lot of conditioner it helps!

Answer #8


all this sounds really good…

I just tried olive oil because my friend told me to try. so I used it and let it sit in my hair for an hour, and its really soft now. it was just really hard to wash out.

now, about the mayo one.

can you use miracle whip? or does it have to be real mayo?

Answer #9

yupp mayo & eggs too .

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