How can i make my black dye job fade fast?

I dyed my hair about a month or so ago with Semi-Permanent black hair dye and now I want to go brown. I just want it lighter is there a fast way to make my hair fade? I just don't want to strip or bleach my hair.

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put head and shoulders conditioner on and leave it for an hour. Keep washing your hair and go out in the sun as much as possible. When I dyed mine black putting more colours on led to a buildup of dye and really damaged my hair had to get it cut really short

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it should wash out faster with cheap shampoo. My daughter used dishsoap and it made it fade out over a few weeks time.

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You could try a SALON-PERMANENT colour, (a light, light brown) and then, because of the black dye it will go a colour in between. :)

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