How can i lose weight i gained fast?

I dont weigh a lot, I'm around 120 and 5"2, but I gained weight in a very short time! I'd like to lose around 14 lbs so I can be 106, like I used to. I need to lose it by the end of the school year. I need the best dieting tips, that will keep me from overeating, and keep me away from too much junk food.

How many calories should I eat in a day?

What are the healthiest products to buy for dieting?

How can I get through this with people nagging me that I don't have to lose weight, even though I feel very uncomfortable with how I weigh right now?

I'm really tired of feeling healthy in the morning, then at night, saying "Oh, I think I can eat a bit more, even if I'm full, and I'll still have eaten less calories than the amount I've burned" and then end up with over eating to just as much, maybe even more, and feel terrible than i started out with!

And my Parents keep buying junk food. It's almost impossible to go on a diet with them, because they're scarred I might go anorexic! I'm tired of having to try to hide my diet, and then eating the junkfood they buy to prove that I'm not anorexic at all!

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At your age, you should be eating 2000 calories per day AND be physically active.

If you want to lose weight, cut down your daily calorie intake by just 100 and still be physically active.

If your parents keep feeding you junk food, just say no. It works.

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