How can I loose 15 lbs really quickly?

alright, well I used to be 10lbs over weight but ever since im not in soccer anymore I’ve gained 5lbs, and spring break is coming up soon, and my boyfriend wants to take me to the beach along with his family,

its not that im afraid or im worried hes think im ugly, its just I feel really fat. and I wont feel comfortable playing soccer and volley ball at the beach and I don’t want to feel selfconsious.

and I also want to loose weight to make myself feel better.

the thing is I dont have enough free time, the soccer time I use to have is now consumed with studying for my Ap exam and comunity service hours… and trust me after that im exaughsted, but I do have around 30 mins a day free..

so anyways any ideas? how can I loose the most amount of weight with only 30 mins to excersise?

Answer #1

Reduce your calorie intake. One pound is roughly 3500 calories. If you really can’t find time to exercise, this would be your best bet.

You don’t have to drastically reduce the amount, but let’s say you usually eat 2000 a day, try reducing that to 1500.

Also, I’m sure you can do a little exercise in 30 minutes. Just little things, like jumping jacks, push-ups, etc. they always help. Or you can just go outside and go for a walk (doesn’t have to be a run/jog).

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