How can I let my parents let my dog breed?

I really have a cute dog. She is a sheltie sheepdog purebred, she is 3 years old and I want her to breed so we can keep a puppy and sell the rest. But my parents don’t want her to breed at all. But I pitched in 200$ of my money to help afford my dog and I really want some of my money back. Can someone give me advise on what I could say to get them to breed her? I think it would be a great idea, but hard work.

Answer #1

First of all, Don’t breed her. I Totally agree with your parents on this one. There are just SO many unwanted, adorable, sweet-natured pets out there. Have you considered adopting a pup from a shelter, or group? Im pretty sure they have Sheltie groups where you live, And if they do then you’re in luck!(: 2nd of all, Your Sheltie (Well not just a Sheltie, ANY dog) can get diseases after giving birth. Or she possibly, but not commonly can die during labor. Or she could get a disease from the male who mated with her. And it’s possible she could need C-section. Would you really want to pay for that? That’s a lot of money! And, If you’re parents agree, or you just mate her anyway you’ll be adding onto all those dogs in shelters. You said that you wanted to get some of your money back from paying for your dog? Then get a job, You could dog sit. (In that case if you do dogsit for money it’s very likely there would be a puppy you have to dogsit) Or not just dogsit, You could walk dogs. Maybe get a job at you’re local shelter. Etc. If I were you, I would get my dog spayed, & Ask my parents about saving a life at a rescue group. (: HappyWagging! dogluver

Answer #2


I’m sorry, but I have to agree with your parents. I’m interning at the Humane Society starting August 20, and am hoping for a career in the management of animal shelters.

For every puppy born, three die in shelters. There are too many out there and not enough homes for them all.

If this is not enough reasons to stop you from breeding your dog, then here are a few more:

Complications in birth and pregnancies happen all the time. You could face losing your dog to death, and all the puppies with her. Will YOU pay the $1200.00 for a much-needed emergency cesarean section when she cannot deliver the pups?

What about sexually-transmitted diseases? That stud dog you had picked out may have one. They are more common than you think.

How about genetic diseases? They abound.

Breeding is not a careless affair, it is so much more than bringing bitch and stud together during a heat cycle.

Please think it over carefully.

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