How can I tell my boyfriend I want to lose my virginity to him?

okay so I’ve been with my boyfriend for around 6 months already, and I was discussing with all my friends that after 6 months I would consider sex, not straight away, but when I’m ready, ofc if we were still together

but the thing is, my boyfriend doesn’t seem this way? like, we never really speak about it? because I don’t really know how to say it? or try and start a conversation about it? I want him to know that I would consider loosing my virginity wiith him, because I trust him with my life, and because I feel ready enough. I know that I’m still very young and have a whole future ahead, but it just feels right. we’re so comfortable with eachother and talking about literally anything, but somehow, sex has never come up in the conversation?

Answer #1

thank you :’) this really helped! its such a good idea too ! ahhh, I don’t want to go that far just yet but… that will come in time :)

Answer #2

Well I’m 13 and I just had sex for the first time. This is how it happened. My boyfriend and I were talking and I said “my cousin is pregnant and she’s 15” (thinking the same thing as you, and my cousin was Prego, but you can think of something similar) and I said “is that a bit young for people to be having sex”. He said “ithink If you really love eachother it’s ok but only if your sure you want to spend your life with them” and I said “I’m sure I’m spending my life with you” he said “let me go get a condom” and we had sex and it was sooo good.

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