How can I tell my boyfriend (I'm gay) that I want a sex change?

So I’m gay, and I recently realized at the beginning of the year that I’m not at all happy with being male. I want to start dressing like a girl and when I’m older I want to get surgery to become a girl. The only problem is that I have a boyfriend. We love each other sooo much but he’s not bi and I’m worried that if I tell him he won’t want me anymore and he won’t love me. How can I tell him? Or should I even tell him at all?

Answer #1

I think you should be upfront with your boyfriend. A sex change is no small thing and it’s not like you can get it done without him noticing. What I’m trying to say is being honest about your feelings and thoughts can only make you and your relationship stronger. If you keep things from him and avoid talking about the important stuff your relationship won’t evolve and you’ll ending hurting yourself and him. You also owe, not only yourself but, him to be honest about how you feel and what you need to be a happy whole person. So love him with all your heart and open up to him then see where this love adventure will lead. Only time will tell what you both want and need.

Answer #2

Alright. Thanks. ^_^

Answer #3

Alright. Thanks. ^_^

Answer #4

u mean lesbian rite

Answer #5

dude do u actually want a sex change ????


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