How can I keep my oven clean?

How do I keep my oven clean so that it doesn’t get dirty often? Is ther an oven liner or oven dripping pan type device that I can use to keep the oven clean?

Answer #1

Foil is your best friend. You can cover whatever dish with it so that it doesn’t splatter or you can cover the rack entirely so that nothing drips through. But the oven should have a setting to clean itself, it burns everything so bacteria cannot live. If you are too afraid to do that, you can always place a cookie sheet beneath whatever you are cooking.

Answer #2

You can place an aluminium tray on the bottom of the oven under the heating element to prevent drippings from getting on the oven itself.

Answer #3

this is test countertop microwave ovens

Answer #4

You can place an aluminium tray

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