How can I help my ear heal from over-exposure to loud sounds?

Last weekend, my family and I did a bit of garden work. We used an electric hedger/chainsaw and a weed-wacker, and I think all the noise messed up my left ear. It’s been almost five days, and it’s still hard to hear. Not only that, but sounds are “muffled” and some sounds are completely drowned out by background sounds.

Answer #1

Go see a doctor. Hopefully you have not sustained permanent hearing loss.

Answer #2

Silence!!! try to be in a quiet place, is like therapy! I will try this for two days if you don’t feel better check with your doctor.

Answer #3

Well if its been five days then get it checked, better safe and sorry! =D and for the future when there are so many noises involved cover your ears with something. Stuff them with cotton or something..Hope you get better! =D

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