What---Help! steps to heal a boil on my vagina?

I need to know how to heal a boil on my vagina.

I popped it, and have been applying heat with a warm washcloth. I am on my period right now I use pads at night. so that is probbly not making itany better.

I dont even know if it is a boil. its red, hurts when applied pressure, and it kind of looks like I bruised it or something. becasue inside of it, it almost looks purple? is that normal? is there any cream I can pick up at the local drugstore? I dont realy want to ask my mom, because that is just a little weird. becasue what if it isn a boil? I have no idea what else it would be. its not an std. it could be a zit that just wont go away??

please help, fast! steps please! thank you so muchhh! :)

Answer #1

no its not normal and it doesnt sound like a boil or zit if youve had sex or have been sexually actrive, it may be an std you will need to see a doctor to find out exactly what it is and if it can heal/be removed or not

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