How can I get out of soccer?

I hate soccer practice. The exercises they give me make me feel really sick, and I barely get a break. Every time one person is late, the whole team has to do sprints to make up for it! We even have to jog mile when we feel sick!

I can’t just quit now, because I’ve already been going on and off the team. I’d rather do hardcore gym, which at my school, is really bad.


Answer #1

If you have stayed on for a while…I would challenge you to stay on..Don’t quit..Stay with it (for your team) It won’t be that bad. don’t center on the bad..Center on the fact that as of today you refuse to quitand not only will try and be the best at the game and win more games for the team.. When it’s all over you will thank me..I promise!! Familycoach

Answer #2

really the best way is to get a job then you cant go to practice or some other sport

Answer #3

do my tips you tell to your couch that you soccer game cuz your not into this game and cross your finger if he or she would answer…?!

Answer #4

I agree with “missariaaa.” Just pretend to hurt your leg or something.

Answer #5

“Sprain” your ankle while walking. Of course you don’t really sprain it. This has a guide of how to fake:

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