How can i get my parents to let me sleepover my boyfriends house?

I need help on how to get my parents to let me sleepover my boyfriends house, im 15 and hes 16, I am 16 this year, my parents say im childish but they use it as an excuse because they are too controlling.

What to do?

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It shows in just the asking of this question that you're childish; "How can I GET (key word there) my parents to let me sleepover my boyfriends house?"

GET just SCREAMS make them. If you tried to persuade them (an adult thing to do) then maybe they'd let you. Other things have to get taken into account too, like do you do your chores when asked? Or do you do them on your own time? How are your marks in school? His? How are your manners? These are all things that need to be thought about.

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Watch MTV 16 & Pregnant and you'll understand why they won't let you.
It can happen to anyone your young slow down

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You cant. There is no good argument you can give your parent to let their daughter sleep at a boys house. Especially at 15 years old. I don't think they are being too controlling, they are just looking out for you and doing what parents do. I guess in your world it would be where the parents let you do whatever you wanted to do and not care about whats going on in your life. Hmm... then what kind of parents would that be?

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I was your age when I started sleeping over at my boyfriends house hahah but my parents had no clue.. ill tell you he had sisters that were a little younger then me... so his mom lied for me to my mom and said my boyfriend wasnt going to be there he was going to his dads... thats how we did it. because he was really there with me :P hahahahha hope that helps

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I understand what you mean, im 18 so I've thought about the same thing before.

Well go and tell them that thats the way you feel and tell them it hurts you because you feel they dont trust you enough.

If they still dont give in, see it as they love you and they want to protect you.

Strongs = - )

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As mom and a grandmother let me assure you that your "childishness" isn't the only reason your parents won't let you sleep over at boyfriends...They fully understand the possible consequences of allowing it., and therefore feel (rightly so) that they need to protect you from yourself.

That isn't controlling...that is protecting...


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Stay the night at a friendss and go over to his house . It's a food idea to have a boy stay the night wiff your boyfriend as well so your friend isn't bothering you and your lover or lonely . My advice is to stay at someone house somewhat close to yiur boyfriend's or his friends ... Wherever he is staying . Sneak out that's what me and my friends do

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Well their parents let them when they were my age, they didnt have any problems with it.
Yh boys and girls have developed more these days but that doesnt mean that we are any different to say a toddler or an old person appart from appearence.
They will let me sleepover my boyfriends some day but why not now, nothing would happen untill we are older and they know that im not like that.

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well, maby they just know what boys and girl of your age like to do! They were there to and they did the same so their not stupid even though we think so lol.

Go to them and ask them if thats why they dont want you to and if thats the reason tell them to trust you.

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ask them to have him stay the night, they would probably let him. Im 14 and I've had my boyfriend (at the time) stay the night for 2 nights at my house because my parents thought it would be better so they could check on us and make sure were not doing anything.

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say that your to childish to do ant thing when your ther

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just say that your going to sleep in different rooms that will probly work

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they need to trust your boyfriend.. and you.

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What's the big deal? There's only one reason you would want to stay over at your boyfriend's so badly, and the exact same reason that they aren't going to let you.

When I was 15, I felt the exact same way as you...I hated them for not letting me, but now I'm a parent and I fully understand. You will someday (and yes, I realise how patronising that sounds but any parent would say the same), like Phrannie's protecting you, and they only do this because they love you (cliche anyone?). Don't let it annoy you too much, like I say, you will understand one day and familys are much too important to let something like this cause arguments and rifts.

Give it a few years and you can do what you want.

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do what I do... hang out with some friends then call your parents and tell them your gunna spend the night kuz its really late or sum believable excuse..lols... and really go to your boyfriends house after you hang out with your friends...I mean yea your lying but you do have sum sort of truth in there.. =)

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no offence, but you're -way- too young to want to spend nights with your boyfriend. I wanted to spend nights with my boyfriends when I was 15-16, but I'm so glad I never got to..more than a few times when they didn't know..because there are no benifits! my current boyfriend and I would stay at -my- house, because then my mom felt safer about it, but I was also 17 years old when we started spending nights together! it makes the relationship speed up, which isn't as fun as it sounds! just wait!

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i dont really have a complete answer for that because im kinda in that same position, but i would say.
1. act more mature whatever your doing to make your parents say your immature dont do it anymore,

2. do things randomly like: clean up the kitchen for no reason, things like that, that way they can see your matureing.

3. do things to make them trust you.

4. uhmm that all i can come up with but im sure yhu get the jist now. :) im late i know but im bored right now soo,, yea :)


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im in the same situation my mom wont even let my boyfreind in my room!!
let alone stay at his house dreadin askin her tbh
if u ask me she is bein wayyyyyy to protective im 16 im old enough to make my own decisions and choices i just feel like im not trusted by my own mom as she does not seem to understand that i dont even have sex in mind as we have not been together that long and i want to feel secure in the relationship before i even think about having sex with him i just wish she could see that im not a stupid little girl who needs to depend on her parents all the time anymore
i kno how boys can be and that some girls my age can get pushed into things they dont want to do but i have knowen this guy 4 about 3 years our parents both kno each other and i kno he can be trusted he has even asked me to come on holiday to wales with him when he gets his driving license !! so im going to have to build up her trust with me being alone with him otherwise she will never let me go
so this is how i pan to ask her :
1. make sure that she is in a good mood (if she is grumpy she always no to whatever i ask her)
2.soften her up for a week or 2 in advance like do the housework without bein asked tiddy your room do your homework jiust show her that u are growing up and can take responsibility
3.make sure my dad and sister are out of the way when i ask because it is most likely that they will butt in and try and change her mind
4.invite my boyfreind over a few times in advance so she can get to be comfatable around him and trust him more (invite him over 4 dinner with your family so ur parents get the idea that he is in to u and cares about u enough to go as far as to meet ur family)
5.when it comes down to actually asking her i will do it politely and if she says no then i wont argue (this will show her that i respect her and her opionions and if i dont make a scene sometumes she changes her mind later on + dont nag at her if she says no this will most liklely piss her off and make it a even more definate no!)
6.if she does say yes then reasure her like take ur phone and tell her u will keep it on at all times and she can call u if she gets worried , tell her that u will sleep with the door open , let her see what u are packing this will show her that ur not planning on taking anything suspicious like raunchy clothing ( if u are planning on taking any items she might not approve of pack them later when shes not looking what she dosnt know wont hurt her)
7.when you get back home from staying at his house tell her what u did (well the things that wont make her angry or not trust u) tell her about any inncocent things u did hopefully this will make her feel like i hav not left her in the dark and dont tell her anythin this should make her trust me even more and askin her about the holiday he asked me to go on wont be such a traumatic ordeal after all
hope this helped

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