How can i gain weight fast?

I am ok with working out. I just want to gain 50pounds fast. I know all about the work out part. I just want to put on the weight as fast as I can. I am presently 6"6' 189pounds. and I would like to be 230 - 240pds. Is there anything you could tell me that would help?

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Hmmm.... read this because I honestly believe that even a sudden intake of pure fat foods (see movie: Super Size Me about Mc'Donalds lovely food and the enormous amount of food they sold you.) could gain you that much weight that fast.

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Isn’t this good idea replace your extra fat with muscles? Diet and exercise are the best option to gain weight. It’s natural and become very effective when they both are mixed. Reduce stress in your life and always motivate yourself. Improve your sleeping pattern so that your metabolism works properly. One can try some yoga and massage to gain weight fast.

how do I gain weight fast?

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